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Your HVAC system (heating and air conditioning system) is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it keep your home cool in heatwaves or warmer months, but it can become an important part of staying comfortable during your day-to-day life.

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If you need a new air conditioning system to replace an older worn-down model in July 2024 – or simply do not have a system at all yet – then you will want specialist help in getting the entire system set up. We can offer all of the HVAC installation expertise you will need to get the job done.

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Our expert HVAC contractor teams are made up of dedicated HVAC industry specialists that know these systems inside and out. No matter what kind of new equipment you are looking for or how you want your new installation to be handled, we can provide the tools, equipment and capable hands to perfectly match our customers’ needs.

Who Are We?

We are a large team of experienced HVAC engineers in Morden have an in-depth understanding of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Working with countless clients in the past has allowed us to build up a wide range of experience, all of which enables us to provide even better service as air conditioning contractors.

Our work has always been carried out to the best of our ability, and we aim for maximum customer satisfaction whenever possible. We hold a variety of accreditations, including SFG20 for the maintenance of HVAC services and certifications, and install systems to BESA and BESCA Accreditation.

We have worked with domestic, industrial and commercial properties nationwide, providing Morden Greater London customers with the HVAC installation options they need to keep their homes comfortable and safe. This means operating with both existing buildings and newly-built properties that lack an HVAC system design entirely.

HVAC Installations – Important things to know

Below I have made a list of the 6 most important things to know before installing a HVAC system:

HVAC Installation Services

We can provide all of the expected HVAC installation services in Morden ,customers might need from plumbing work and heating system construction to air conditioning installation. No matter the combination of different tasks we are given, we can work on making sure that they are all done correctly.

HVAC Chillers

The chillers we install throughout Greater London are all designed for maximum climate control and energy efficiency, helping to keep your home cool during summer. These systems can be complex, relying heavily on plumbing and pump systems, but they are a part of your new air conditioning system that we can install very well.

Condenserless Chillers

A condenserless chiller is a compact and reliable option that can provide a good air conditioner system in smaller buildings. This makes it an ideal cooling system for a smaller space, but the larger models are more useful in industrial settings.

Our expert staff can handle HVAC installation at almost any level, even if that means installing an industrial cooling system in a warehouse or other important building. Chillers have multiple core uses across various industries and scales, and condenserless options are one of many choices that can work very well.

Air Cooled Chiller Units

An Air cooled chiller unit is a good alternative to water-cooled chillers, offering an easy way to cool down a room using ambient fresh air. These are incredibly effective in outdoor spaces or areas with a poor water supply, making them a great choice for certain industries or worksites where a normal air conditioner would not work well.

HVAC Variable Refrigerant Volume

A VRV system is a specific kind of HVAC installation technology trademarked by Daikin industries. This has resulted in it being called VRF (variable refrigerant flow) by other companies.

This kind of system has become the standard option for ‘premium’ air conditioning systems, allowing for an automatically-adjusting flow of refrigerant that helps save energy and provide a more controlled kind of cooling system.

HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow

An air conditioning installation using a VRF system is often a very energy-efficient unit, automatically regulating energy usage based on temperature. This makes it one of the most popular choices in the industry since it can adjust the heating system to dynamically match the desired heat levels of each space it serves.

Not only do these units make proper operation much easier, but they can have the same general installation costs as a normal unit. Our expert staff have installed many heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the past, including multiple major VRF systems with highly specific installation requirements and client needs.

Cost of HVAC System

The cost of a HVAC replacement can vary but on average for a whole system replacement you would be looking at spending between £3,500 and £11,000 with an average cost of around £7,250. If you are looking for a new HVAC system installation you would be looking at paying anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000 with an average cost of around £17,000

Types of HVAC Units

HVAC Air Handling Unit

An AHU, or air handling unit, is part of a central air conditioner system that helps to purify and renew indoor air that has been circulated through an entire building. These are essentially large air filters, but these systems also offer more control over temperature and humidity.

These units see a lot of use in industrial spaces or licensed professional businesses, places that are likely to have a large flow of people at all times. The added hygiene benefits and higher quality air also make it a better choice for anywhere that requires high hygiene standards.

An air handling unit can also contribute towards cooling, reducing the temperature of the air being pumped back into the building to help maintain moderate climates indoors. This kind of installation can be important for situations where an entire building needs reliable cooling and ventilation.

HVAC Fan Coil Unit

An FCU uses an indoor coil and fan to alter a room’s temperature without needing any ductwork installation. The fan helps to push air over the coil, which either heats or cools the air itself before it is pushed back into the room.

These systems are a great single-unit option for situations where you need to alter the temperature of a single room. They also provide much lower energy costs and are far cheaper to install, as well as being one of the cooling options that we can install the fastest.

Despite their simplicity, we can easily install an FCU which will provide cool air and hot air on demand: either to supplement your existing air conditioning system or to provide easy cooling and heating to a single room-sized space.

Heat Recovery Units

A heat recovery unit is a good way to draw in heat that has already been used, improving energy efficiency and allowing some of the heat to be recycled into the fresh air being pumped into the system. These can help to heat an entire home while also reducing energy costs, but without sacrificing air quality or heat gain.

We can easily install these systems into an existing home or building, replacing part of your worn-out system and ensuring that you can get the warm air that you need to stay comfortable on a limited budget.

Data Centre Cooling

Our expert staff are able to approach data centres with specialised cooling options, helping to reduce severe temperatures and keep devices from overheating during long-term use. Servers can be a vital part of any business, especially those that operate entirely online, and good air conditioners are vital to maintaining the servers themselves.

We have numerous different methods for handling server room cooling, using various air conditioner and refrigeration system options to keep them cool and safe. This could include dynamically-adjusting temperature systems, split systems to cool rooms from both sides, or even specialised air conditioning systems aiming to maintain the room temperature at all costs.

Server room cooling requires some careful work to manage. Not all servers are designed the same way, so premade package systems are not the right choice – instead, our engineers can install an AC system that targets the servers in places where they generate the most heat.

Commercial Heating

Heating is an important part of any commercial business, and we aim to ensure that all of our clients can get the heating options they need with minimal issues. This means looking into the design of your space and figuring out how a split system could help to heat all of the important spaces without staying inconsistent.

Our engineers are capable of working out how to regulate the temperature of your building properly, focusing on both heating and cooling options while also considering ventilation and air quality. A commercial setting needs to be comfortable for customers, so keeping the air at the right temperature can be a major factor to consider.

If you have any specific requirements regarding the kind of commercial heating that you need, then you can talk to us directly for a full conversation about how the new system should be designed. Heating is important for any space, but commercial buildings thrive on using heating and comfort to drive customers towards possible sales.

HVAC Commercial Boiler

A standard commercial boiler should provide more than enough heat and hot water to supply an entire building, but this depends on the boiler model. Some boilers boast higher energy efficiency than others but may be lacking in other factors such as water capacity or heating speed.

We can have our engineers look into finding the right boiler for your needs, especially if your existing boiler is damaged or worn down and needs immediate replacement. Like air conditioners, a boiler can be the heart of your building’s ability to stay within a comfortable temperature range.

Boilers are also vital for getting hot water, which often means that some commercial businesses need them more than others. In some instances, a company may need a specialized boiler to meet their hot water demands since a standard boiler will not produce enough.

HVAC Biomass Boiler

We can also replace your existing gas or oil boiler with a biomass boiler, which can use a range of different fuel sources to provide heating with a greater level of energy efficiency. Having a unit like this can also lead to reduced CO2 emissions in many cases, which might result in higher air quality in your home or business.

Systems like this are not always a standard option, but we can still have our engineers provide one if it is something that you have been considering. Biomass is available anywhere in the UK, and you can sometimes even use waste wood during an emergency if no other biomass is available.

Commercial Heating & Plumbing

We are able to provide a range of commercial plumbing and heating options alongside the usual air conditioning units that most people associate with these systems. Plumbing is a key component in any building, and heating can be vital for staying comfortable and safe throughout the year.

Each new system is meant to offer as much energy efficiency as possible while still staying in working order. The exact way that we install these systems heavily depends on both the building’s floor plan and the kind of system that you want, meaning that each project is handled bespoke.

If you would like to receive even more information on HVAC services in Morden, make sure you get in touch with us today!

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HVAC Plant Room Design

A large part of our work involves setting up the installation options for plant rooms in industrial buildings, such as warehouses or manufacturing spaces. These are areas that require a lot more care and effort to keep at a stable temperature and air quality.

The work that we do is heavily based on making sure that we can satisfy client needs, and that includes setting up air conditioning systems that match the chosen space. For example, a warm industrial space may require more air conditioners to reduce the temperature and humidity to comfortable, safe levels.

Most plant spaces are going to be unique in design and functionality, meaning that every single air conditioning system will have to be bespoke. Even two buildings performing the same roles will require different levels of heating in different places, and that can require some careful planning to achieve this.

How we handle an industrial space depends on the client’s requests and wishes, so we will always aim for the best results possible while still sticking to their budget and needs. Each air conditioning system has to be tweaked to match the space it will be servicing.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installers

Commercial air conditioning is vital for keeping commercial spaces cool, something that can matter a lot in a wide range of industries. Any space that gets too hot can become both uncomfortable or a genuine health hazard, and those are two things that can kill a commercial business completely from both a social and legal standpoint.

Using a heat gain calculation based on the heating and cooling season times can work, but we use our engineers to figure out simple, effective ways of treating overheating spaces. This can mean installing a more reliable air conditioning system or even replacing parts of the outdoor unit while keeping the indoor unit roughly the same.

A large part of our work regarding air conditioning units means gathering further information about how a space heats up. Understanding the flow of air and the main sources of natural heat in a space can enable us to cool it more effectively, giving you a more reliable and energy-efficient system.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning System

A chilled water air conditioning system can provide great results while also boosting energy efficiency, helping to cool down a space using both air and water rather than relying purely on cool air.

These systems are also more complex than a standard AC system since they rely on components like a condenser coil instead of evaporator coil technology. While this leads to additional costs, the system can save you money on the energy used to actually cool the space in the first place.

Water has to be regularly re-added to these systems to make up for any water lost during evaporation, and the results of the system’s cooling efforts depend on the humidity and pressure of the air around it. This is often still more effective than a standard evaporator coil like those found in normal air conditioning units.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are an effective all-weather method for heating a building up, pumping air between spaces and ensuring that the air is always warm when it arrives in another room. These pumps extract heat from the air and pump it into the coolant, which is compressed to release the heat into the indoor air.

While this is a very simplified breakdown of how these pumps work, they can be a very effective tool that can work even if the air outside is not particularly warm. These pumps do not use much energy, making them an energy-efficient unit that can work in almost any building that needs additional heating.

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

An air source heat pump sucks heat up from the air. These can have fairly low installation costs and do not take much work to set up but are generally weaker than their ground-based counterparts due to the lower level of heat in the air compared to the ground.

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)

A ground source heat pump will suck heat out of the ground directly, providing a more stable source of heat compared to the air. However, this costs more to install and can often be more expensive, meaning that the installation process will not be quite as quick and easy.

Advantages Of A HVAC System

The core advantages of an HVAC system are often immediately apparent, but there are others that are not nearly as noticeable in day-to-day life.

Apart from increased energy efficiency compared to other options types, an HVAC system can warm or cool a space more reliably, providing consistent temperature control. Most HVAC systems also have a longer lifespan than the alternatives since they are a combined system rather than multiple systems jammed together.

These systems also ensure a greater return on investment, providing better results than the individual systems and also increasing the value of your home. For businesses, the benefits are even more clear since productivity and customer comfort are likely to spike after getting a good HVAC system installed.

We can help you get the exact kind of air conditioner that you need, ensuring that all of the right benefits apply while still giving you the results that you were expecting. Our engineers can find the perfect balance between direct improvements and long-term benefits, giving you the best of both worlds.

HVAC Manufacturers

We can supply and install products from the following manufacturers throughout Greater London, among others.

All of these systems and products are installed to the highest possible standard of quality, based on what our clients need. We also make sure that equipment from different companies is compatible before trying to install these alongside one another.

Benefits of Attic Ventilation Systems

Below I have listed some of the benefits of Attic Ventilation Systems:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An HVAC System a Good Investment?

An HVAC system can be the best unit choice for people who plan to sell their home soon. A freshly-installed HVAC from a well-known brand can often boost your house’s value considerably, especially in areas where temperatures are naturally high, and a good air conditioner can have a lot of practical value.

What is the function of an HVAC system?

An HVAC system is focused around controlling the environment of whatever room it is installed in. Like a typical air conditioner, these systems can help reduce heat in a space, but they are also capable of heating, providing ventilation, or even managing certain plumbing-related factors.

Why are HVAC systems important?

HVAC systems are essentially a perfected version of a standalone air conditioning unit, offering complete climate control. This makes them the ideal choice for anybody who wants to properly adjust their building’s climate and temperature and can be as simple or complex as each client needs.

In certain industries, an HVAC system can be a necessary part of operating a business or service, usually those where the temperature has to be carefully controlled. Kitchens, server rooms and medical spaces are only a few of many, many examples.

Why is HVAC important to the hospitality and industrial industry?

These systems keep customers and workers comfortable, as well as increase overall safety in a space. However, its role in the hospitality and industrial industries is not identical.

Hospitality businesses often rely on an HVAC system to increase comfort, reduce air stagnancy, remove bad smells, and generally satisfy customers. It also provides a steady flow of clean, warm water, something that can be vital for any business that serves customers directly.

In the industrial sector, these systems are more of a protective tool, providing safety and comfort to workers while also ensuring that important materials or products are not left to freeze or overheat. Once again, having a reliable source of safe water at varying temperatures can be important for manufacturing or just for keeping employees safe and hydrated.

How long do HVAC systems last?

Most HVAC systems last between fifteen and twenty-five years, but this heavily depends on the system itself. This is about as long as a standalone air conditioner can last.

Remember that these systems can last longer if they are maintained properly, including damaged or worn-out parts (such as the evaporator coil and metering device) being swapped out.

Are HVAC Systems Necessary?

HVAC systems can be a necessary part of increasing comfort and safety, both at home and in the workplace.

What is the Difference Between air conditioning systems and HVAC?

An air conditioner is a standalone air conditioner unit, while an HVAC includes an air conditioner by default. This means that you can have an air conditioner without an HVAC system, but not an HVAC system without an air conditioner.

An air conditioner is not the core focus of an HVAC system, so in some cases, the air conditioner may not be the main focus of the system itself.

Is It Worth It To Upgrade To a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a worthwhile installation upgrade that offers great results with reduced energy usage, offering more efficient heating.

What is the Difference Between Furnace and HVAC?

A furnace is less complex to install but also offers more limited benefits than a full system. Comparing a furnace to a heating system is like comparing a fridge to an air conditioner unit – similar in a few ways but with different purposes behind them.

What is the difference between a heat pump and a refrigerator?

A heating pump unit will rapidly heat up a space, while a refrigeration system will rapidly cool it down. Both offer great efficiency, but they are opposite units to one another.

Does an HVAC System Use Gas?

These installations can use gas but mostly use electricity unless specified otherwise. This depends on the exact unit and type of equipment, so be sure to contact us if you want a specific option.

Is higher fan speed better?

It is better to run a fan on a higher speed if you want more cooling effects. On a more windy day, your body will feel a lot cooler compared to a non-windy day when the temperature is the exact same.

Is air conditioning expensive to run?

It is a common misconception that air conditioning is expensive to run. Although costs can vary drastically from installation to installation and are dependent upon a number of factors, including the running time of the unit and the unit and the heating and cooling loads, air conditioning is usually very economically.

Do air conditioning units provide cooling and heating?

More modern units that include heat pumps provide heating in addition to cooling. This is often very economical to run when compared to other forms of heating systems.

What are the 3 most important factors for an air conditioning unit?

You want to look at the air conditioning power, energy efficiency ad noise. There are many kinds of air conditioning units that can fulfill your cooling needs, but you should be able to shortlist the ones that work best for you.

Can you leave an air conditioning unit on all day?

Experts say that it is safe to have your window air conditioning unit running all day. No part of the air conditioning unit will get too hot and melt if you keep it running all day. The actual performance of the air conditioner wont suffer if you forget to turn it off.

How can I lower my electric bill during the summer months?

What determines the size of heat exchangers?

It is not the kW that determines the size of the heat exchanger, but the amount of pressure drop allowed. This is because the applications are low NTU. Some other factors that determine size include the approach temperature and the plate material selected for the heat exchanger.

What are the benefits of Energy Efficiency?


Whether you want a simple air conditioner or a complex outdoor condenser-based system, we can provide a range of heating, ventilation and air conditioner options that will work for you. Each one is aimed for maximum efficiency and quality whenever possible.

Remember that there are countless different options out there, all of which offer something new or specialised. If you want to find out more about what we can offer, then contact us directly to talk to some of our experts and specialists about a system that might interest you.

We are always happy to hear from you, and our engineers are on standby, waiting for another project to tackle. No matter your needs, we can aim to meet them perfectly.

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